Patinage Artistique

Patinage artistique


Salut, Je suis Tehila et aujourd’hui je présente mon projet sur le patinage artistique.



  1. En patinage artistique, vous devez garder vos performances uniques et différentes.


  1. Personne ne peut tenter de tripler ou de quadrupler le saut plus de deux fois dans le spectacle.


  1. Les juges vous disqualifient également si vous ne pouvez pas suivre les règles de la musique et des costumes, etc.



  1. Costumes
  2. Patins
  3. patinoire
  4. musique


Faits Amusants

  • C’est le plus vieux jeu d’hiver.
  • Les patins étaient faits d’os d’animaux.
  • Une invention a rendu possible le patinage artistique.
  • le premier patineur artistique est Robert Jones
  • Sonja Henie a beaucoup de talent.


Patineurs artistiques célèbres et fait amusant


Tesa virtue . . . .

Tessa et Scott (son ancien partenaire) Patinent ensemble depuis 20 ans, ils sont apparemment le couple de danse sur glace le plus endurant et populaire de l’histoire du Canada. 


Michelle Kwan . . . .

Michelle Kwan commence le patinage artistique Quand elle a cinq ans, elle est inspiré par sa soeur et son frère.

Get to know me – French Blog

Quel est le nom du dernier film que tu as vu?



Combien de lettres contient ton nom de famille ?



Qu’as-tu mangé pour déjeuner ce matin ?



As-tu des animaux à ta maison ? Si oui, lesquels ?



Quel est ton sport préféré ?

la natation.


Quelle est ta nourriture préférée ?



Quelle est ta couleur préférée ?



Nomme ton livre préféré.

Smile et sisters.


Quel mois est ton anniversaire ?

Mai 11 2011.


Quel est ton animal préféré ?

Un chat.


Quel est ton sujet préféré à l’école ?

math et français.


Nommez un pays que vous souhaitez visiter.



Quel emploi veux-tu faire comme adulte ?

un enseignant.


Nomme ton activité d’hiver préférée.

construire un bonhomme de neige.

Vetements Dialogue

Bob et Olivia  lent veulent acheter des chaussures et des accessoires ils tombent sur un magasin qui s’appelle T&I.


Bob: pourquoi n’allons nous pas dans ce magasin appelé T&I que nous venons de passer?

Olivia: Ok allons-y

William: Bienvenue  a T&I ici nous vendons de belles chaussures et des accessoires

Olivia: Est ce-que je peux acheter cette bague fantastique?

William: Oui mais tu dois me payer 50$ ( Cinquante )

Bob: Est ce-que je peux acheter des chaussures sur ce banc? Ma taille est 4  (quatre).

William: Ok, paie-moi 67$ (soixante sept).

Le total est 117$ (cent dix sept).

Bob:  Est ce-qu’ on a assez d’argent?

Olivia: Mr William pouvons-nous négocier le prix?  Peut-être 80$ (quatre-vingts)?

William: Ok.

Bob et Olivia: Merci

( Bob et Olivia give the money to Mr. William )

Bob et Olivia rentrent à la maison et testent leurs nouvelles choses





Did you know Infants first recognize the color red?

Hi, Today I will share with you the pros and cons of 

being a big sister. I will also share how I feel about being 

a big sister. I hope you enjoy it. But I have to say, they are very cute.

There are a lot of good things about having a baby sister. What are some fun things you enjoy doing with your baby sister? For example, watch them grow up, which means I can watch them take their first step, listen to their first words, watch them crawl, and Babble. They’ll be your friend for life. 

There are many good things about being a big sister, but there are also many challenges. babies are a lot of responsibility. For example, we have to change diapers,

bounce her when she’s fussy, and keep her safe.

Another challenge is having a good night’s sleep

because sometimes the baby wakes me up at night.

Now that I have shared some pros and cons about having a baby sister I would like to tell you how I feel about it. being a big sister is hard but I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I also feel proud to be a role model for all my sisters. What I’m trying to say is I love being a big sister. 

  In conclusion, being a big sister is awesome.

   Even though there are some challenges, overall  

   I am happy and proud to be a big sister.

   Please just tell my sister to stop pulling my hair 

   and eating my homework.

   Do you want a baby sister someday?

TTYS + NT – FAMILY Vacation

Ilana: Are we there yet?

Mom: no but soon.

Ilana: Okay.

Mom: Do you girls want to go swimming when we get there or swim after dinner?

Ilana and Sarah: After dinner! 

Mom: We’re here!

Ilana: Great!

Papa: Let’s unpack.

Sarah: Okay.

( After they unpacked and ate dinner at a fancy restaurant called ALO restaurant.)

Ilana: Can we go swimming now? 

Papa: Okay.

(when they came back to the hotel from swimming)

Mom: Who wants to go on a walk and look at the stars.

Sarah: Me!

Mom: Great let’s go.

Mom: You know me and my dad used to do this all the time when we were younger, you Don’t See Stars like these in the city. 

Sarah thought: I love taking vacations with my family.


The end

How I managed to get throught Covid 19 – Public Speaking


Do you ever feel super annoyed because you’re not allowed to get out? Hi, I’m going to tell you how I managed to get through covid 19 with three siblings one of which is a baby. I know that covid has been hard for everyone, but we can get through it together.


Outside Activities

Don’t you think it’s time to get out and play? It’s been over a year now, let’s have some fun! There are a lot of fun things to do outside especially when it’s warm. On Saturday I try to get out as much as possible with my family. Sometimes on a Sunday, I go biking with my sisters, it’s really fun. So next week, when the sun is shining, go out with your family or even by yourself on that walk or bike trail and feel the calmness come over you.


HMMM.. what is that smell? It smells like cake which brings me to my second point – baking! Baking has always been one of my favorite ways to bring out my creativity. When I bake I feel Happy. One of my favorite recipes was Cherry apple pie. The recipe is… Oh, wait… I got distracted by that amazing recipe, in the middle of my speech it’s not the time for recipes! Back to my point, for me, baking was a release to work out any worries that were on my mind, plus I got to spend some wonderful hours with my mom.


There’s an old saying that goes “families that play together, stay together”. Studies show when children like us spend time with our family we have less chance of getting involved in dangerous activities – I know our parents will appreciate that!. Also, spending more time with family allows us to learn key life lessons from our parents and grandparents. I can guarantee each and everyone one of you has rolled your eyes when a family member has asked for a hug yet now, that hug is so wanted! If the pandemic’s done one thing for me, it’s helped me spend more time with my family and appreciate it. Even though family can be annoying sometimes, they’ll always have your back… most of the time anyway.


In conclusion, I’ve shared with you the different ways I have managed to deal with Covid and hopefully inspired you to take my advice. Obviously, there are many ways to do this, the ones I mentioned are outside activities, Baking, and spending time with family. These are some things I connected to during this hard time and maybe they can work for you too. I wish covid would end already, don’t you?